Home Automation

With today’s technological advances, having a completely integrated custom home automation system that provides you with amazing control and monitoring of all your home’s systems has never been easier.
Turning your home into the ultimate showcase of residential automation and control has never been easier thanks to Design Electronics' Custom Home Automation solutions. Our turn-key solutions include all consultations, design, installation, programming, and training services needed to have your home operating in the most efficient manner.

Design Electronics approaches every residential project in the same way we approach our corporate, entertainment, and industrial projects – with industry leading design, installation, and training services. Specializing in the automation of audiovisual systems, security CCTV devices, lighting and audio systems, HVAC, intercom, and Wi-Fi, your your sprinkler system. Design Electronics can implement a centralized control system in any home, offering the greatest ease-of-use, efficiency, and energy savings. In addition to complete control in your home, we integrate remote and mobile access to all our home automation systems, meaning you can control and monitor all aspects of your home systems from virtually anywhere.

Our completely digital solutions employ cutting-edge devices and components from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that any system installed by us will be current for many years to come. Our systems also provide the homeowner with incredible long-term savings by having all your systems perform at their most efficient levels. Furthermore, Design Electronics will provide thorough training on all aspects of your home automation system as well as provide immediate response to any inquiry or service issue.

Whether you want to update your current home or are building from the ground up, contact Design Electronics to find out how we can put your home control in the palm of your hand.