Custom Audiovisual

Design Electronics will design and install the perfect custom audiovisual solution that will enhance the operational capabilities of any space, be it corporate, residential, government, or entertainment.

Design Electronics has achieved its industry-leading reputation by designing and installing custom audiovisual solutions that strike the perfect balance between aesthetic form and function. Whether your vision is to create an impact with a fully realized, digital audio, lighting, signage, and monitor installation or if you’re just looking to provide a minimalist and clean approach to a complex audiovisual integration, Design Electronics can custom tailor a solution to fit virtually any technical and budgetary requirements.

Serving the corporate, residential, hospitality, government, and entertainment markets, Design Electronics provides clients with sophisticated audiovisual systems employing cutting-edge and cost-effective technologies and components that enhance the appearance, functionality, and performance of any space. Our fully programmable Crestron digital control systems can be set up to provide completely personalized operation and ease-of-use interfacing based on the functionality requirements of any application.

Design Electronics will provide a fully transparent quote based on the technical requirements of any audiovisual project. We collaborate with our clients to custom tailor their solution to their needs and budget. We are able to illustrate and explain the cost benefits of the latest industry advancements from the most trusted and reliable manufacturers. Contact us today for a no obligation assessment and quote.